Hollow Earth: A kickback to Pulp Adventure


It is February 1947, the curtain is closing on WWII. In the similar style of Jules Verne, Sir Conan Doyle, and authors of the ilk, Earth has a hollow which has remained largely undiscovered by western society until very recent. Through a variety of hidden entrances such as the polar caps, Bermuda Triangle, the Great Plateau, etc, westerners have been slowly trickling into the Earth’s interior via massive drill-tanks, zeppelins, hot air balloons, Submarines, planes, repel systems, or often pure chance.

While these new travelers are generally funded by world governments, all for their own benefits, some travelers are simply people with a passion for adventure! Though fresh to western eyes, Hollow Earth isn’t without its own native inhabitants. Natives similar to the Ancient Myans/Aztecs, Lizardmen, Apemen, Were-creatures, Pyrates, and man-eating plants and animals both new and prehistoric share the hidden habitat.

You’re welcome to roleplay as anything associated with the period and pulp-adventure stories. The intrepid reporter, imperiled actress, rugged explorer, mad scientist, field biologist, missionary, treasure hunter, occult investigator, noir detective, etc. Seek the British and Russian Allied forces for aid but beware. There are Nazis and scalpers about.

Hollow Earth